HOMEPrivacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Kamacho Scale Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Company") recognizes personal information as the important assets of individuals. All the persons who engage in business activities at the Company shall abide by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Personal Information Protection Act) and JIS Q 15001 Personal Information Protection Management Systems, which is related to protection of personal information, and protect customer information by handling it appropriately and safely, thereby proving worthy of their trust.

  1. The Company has appointed managers for each department and division that handles customer information (hereinafter "Personal Information"), and has instructed the managers to handle the information properly.
  2. When the Company is to obtain Personal Information from customers, the Company shall do so by specifying the purposes of use as clearly as possible, and clearly indicate the Company point of contact for customers.
  3. The Company shall properly manage the Personal Information obtained from customers, and shall not provide or disclose the information to any third party other than a company for whom consent of the customer has been obtained.
  4. When the Company is to provide Personal Information to a company in accordance with the customer's consent of item 3 above, the Company will conclude an agreement to mandate the said company to prevent leakage or forwarding of the Personal Information, and will make sure the said company properly manages the information.
  5. The Company may transmit or send information to customers by e-mail, mail, etc., or make telephone calls to customers in order to convey information about products and services of the Company or our partners that are believed to be useful to the customers. Customers may have these practices terminated or re-started by indicating their wish to do so, by the method specified separately by the Company.
  6. If a customer wishes to make an inquiry about his/her Personal Information or have the information corrected or have some other procedure taken regarding his/her Personal Information, the customer should contact our contact point so that the Company can promptly handle the matter .
  7. The Company shall abide by laws and regulations applicable to Personal Information in its possession, and review and improve the measures for each of the above items as appropriate.

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