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Truck Scales

[Accurate measurement] is pursued.

KAMACHO leads safety and accuracy. As a pioneer of the track scale, and easiness to use is pursued, and the industry is always led to the motto by abundant results and up-to-date technologies. The product of high performance and the high quality is offered in compliance with the trust of the customer, and making properly and the safety of dealings of the social economy are made a mission. Moreover, the experience and the technology that cultivates it will be used according to all the consultations concerning "Measure it" and we propose a creative measurement system equipment of the solution type.

New Product

Truck scale with the function of 3-D center of gravity measurement / satrs
New ProductsEnsure safety and relief of truck transport. Prevent sideslip accident !
It's possible to measure balance of vehicles front and rear or right and left or the height with 3-D.

Product Lineup

Truck Scales TS Type

TS Type

Both the main girders and load detecting section are inside the underground pit, and the loading surface is at the same level as the ground surface.

Truck Scales TSP Type

TSP Type

The guards on the left and right sides function as girders, eliminating the need for a deep pit.

Truck Scales TSF Type

TSF Type

The ultra-thin design eliminates the need for large driving area. The scale may be set up in a small area too.

Indicator DI-1500

Indicator DI-1500

Its large 12.1-inch LCD display enhances the visibility of figures and the design.

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