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Gross Packer Scale

Gross Packer Scale PSGL


Compact Design.
The compact design of the load cells allows the equipment to be installed in a small space.
One-man operation.
The feeder chute is equipped with clamps for bags, so one operator can perform all the tasks from weighing to packing.
Variant feeder.
A wide range of feeder equipment is available, so the optimum type can be selected to suit what is being weighed.

Gross Packer Scale PSGL

Main specifications

Designation PSGL(for large bag) PSGL(for small bag)
Measuring quantity 10~50kg 1~5kg
Accuracy ±1/500
Capacity 150~200B/H 50~100B/H
Material to be weighed fertilizer, grain, massive
Weighing method Load cell type gross weighing
Feeder Cut gate
Screw feeder
Electromagnetic feeder
power source AC200V 50/60Hz
3 phase 1.5KVA(single)
air source 0.490MPa(5kgf/cm2 -
air consumption 50l/min -
dust collection vacuum pressure 200~300mmAq
air 5~6m3/min

External View (PSGL-SF)

External View

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