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Fluorescent Lamp Crusher (NCR Series)

Prevents diffusion of mercury vapor and processes fluorescent lamps with high efficiency and safety.

KAMCHO's recycling technologies convert disposed fluorescent lamps into valuable resources.
This device promotes the recycling of waste since crushed fluorescent lamps are processed by Nomura Kohsan Co., Ltd.Open in new window using its unique systems, and recycled as raw materials for glass wool.

Fluorescent Lamp Crusher (NCR Series)


  1. Work is simple and easy as lamps are thrown in sideways.
  2. A multiple-task type that can process both linear and circular lamps
  3. The sealed structure eliminates fluorescent powder and ensures safety in the work environment.
  4. A compact structure with combined dust collector and mercury gas removing device
  5. Realizes high added-value recycling through crushing that does not destroy mouth rings


Type NCR-40F NCR-110F
Materials to be processed
  • Linear 40W lamps with lengths up to 1,200mm
  • Circular 40W lamps with diameters up to 350mm
    (Lamps of diameter of 450mm can be handled as an option)
  • Linear 110W lamps with lengths up to 2,400mm
  • Circular 40W lamps with diameters up to 350mm
    (Lamps with a diameter of 450mm can be handled as an option)
Mechanical capacity
  • Linear lamps: 2,700/hour
  • Circular lamps: 900/hour
  • Linear lamps: 2,700/hour
  • Circular lamps: 1,800/hour
Dimensions of main unit (mm) Approx. W2,400 x L1,780 x H2,700 Approx. W3,600 x L1,780 x H2,700
Weight Approx. 800kg Approx. 1,500kg
Engine 1.35kW 2.3kW
Power source Tri-phase 200V power cable of 10m
(With insertion plug for 3P grounding)
  • Mechanical systems: Munsell 5G9/2
  • Control systems: Munsell 5Y7/1

External view


Enlarge the drawings


Enlarge the drawings

Drums (Diameter of 600mm x Height of 900mm; capacity: 200 l), free-standing rollers and casters are options.

*Please use a mercury vapor protection mask when replacing the drums.

Used Fluorescent Lamp Recycling System

Crushed and washed glass recycled into residential insulation and raw materials for fluorescent lamps. Aluminum and metallic bases recycled into aluminum raw material. Mercury recovered from the wastewater after washing.

[Waste fluorescent lamps]Mercury is contained in various types of fluorescent lamps; circle, straight, ball and compact lamps. A proper recycling process is necessary for each type of lamps.

After crushing fluorescent lamps, separating the glass and other non-glass parts including metallic bases

Crushing and Separation

Metallic base and other non-glass parts

Washing the crushed glass to completely remove foreign substance and mercury

Crushing and Separation

Mercury sludge


Mercury vapor

[Roasting process]Heating the sludge at 600 to 800 ℃ to vaporize the mercury:Multiple-hearthvertical furnace

[Mercury recycling]:Condensation tower *Condensation:While the mercury vapor passes through the condensation tower, it is cooled down and condensed into the liquid mercury.*Refining:Recovered crude mercury is refined into high-purity metallic mercury (inorganic mercury.)

Aluminum raw material

Aluminum, metallic bases

[Glass recycling] High-quality cullet:Glass which accounts for more than 90 percent in weight of fluorescent lamps is recycled into glass raw material.

Glass wool manufacturing plants:Cullet is reused to produce residential insulation. Cement raw material


Manufacturing plants for fluorescent lamps and other products including specialized measurement instruments:Recycled mercury and glass cullet are reused to produce fluorescent lamps.

Producing various mercury reagents

Universities and research institutions:Mercury reagents are used in various experiments and researches.

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