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JCSS calibration service

JCSS calibration service of weight

JCSS calibration service

We provide you with the standard of weight.

It's a weight to become the reference of scale which measures the weight. So the weight is required that the relation with national standard is specific. We provide you with JCSS calibration service of the weight which is required to ensure the traceability of weight and is optimum to construct the quality system.

  • Our company is accepted by National Institute of Technology and Evaluation which is the qualifying activity that the technological capability calibrating the weight and traceability fulfill the reference of ISO/IEC17025 which is international standard approved by calibrating organization. So we can emit the calibration certificate with JCSS mark.
  • This calibration certificate with JCSS mark is emitted by calibrating organization approved by IAJapan participating in MRA (international approval) of ILAC (International Laboratory Approval Cooperation organization) and APAC (Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation). This calibrating result is valid internationally and the traceability certification of the product measured by scale calibrated by weight with this certificate and exported becomes effective.
  • JCSS calibration certificate becomes effective for "measurement standard which is traceable to the international or national measurement standard" under the direction of requirements 7.6 authenticated by ISO9001-monitoring hardware and measuring equipment.

Expanded uncertainty

Expanded uncertainty of the weight calibration (Coverage factor : k=2)


  F1 class F2 class M1 class M2 class
2000kg - - - 44,000
1000kg - - 20,000 50,000
500kg - - 8,800 25,000
200kg - - 1,600 10,000
100kg - - 1,100 5,000
50kg - - 550 2,500
20kg 41 100 300 1,000
10kg 18 50 160 500
5kg 7.8 25 80 250
2kg 3.5 10 30 100
1kg 2.4 5 16 50
500g 0.82 2.5 8 25
200g 0.38 1 3 10
100g 0.16 0.5 1.6 5
50g 0.11 0.3 1 3
20g 0.085 0.25 0.8 2.5
10g 0.066 0.2 0.6 2
5g 0.052 0.16 0.5 1.6
2g 0.041 0.12 0.4 1.2
1g 0.031 0.1 0.3 1
500mg 0.026 0.08 0.25 0.8
200mg 0.021 0.06 0.2 0.6
100mg 0.016 0.05 0.16 0.5
50mg 0.013 0.04 0.12 -
20mg 0.011 0.03 0.1 -
10mg 0.0083 0.025 0.08 -
5mg 0.0064 0.02 0.06 -
2mg 0.0064 0.02 0.06 -
1mg 0.0064 0.02 0.06 -

Expanded uncertainty of the weight (Coverage factor : k=2)


  M1 class M2 class
2000kg - 44,000
500kg以上~2000kg未満 - 81,000
100kg以上~500kg未満 7,100 24,500
20kg以上~100kg未満 1,400 4,500
5kg以上~20kg未満 97 950
1kg以上~5kg未満 26 245
200g以上~1kg未満 5.4 53
50g以上~200g未満 1.4 13
1g以上~50g未満 0.7 9

*The object which is over 1t becomes not more than M2 class.

Calibration room

It's possible to calibrate the weight with the range of 1mg to 2t which is highest level in Japan.

The first calibration room

The range of calibration : 1mg to 20kg

The environmental condition

16 to 25 degree Celsius
35% to 80%
Atmospheric pressure
995hPa to 1035hPa

The first calibration room

The first calibration room

The second calibration room

The range of calibration : 20kg to 2000kg

The environmental condition

12 to 25 degree Celsius
35% to 80%
Atmospheric pressure
995hPa to 1035hpa

The second calibration room

Mass standard supply system

JCSS calibration service of scale

In order to ensure the reliability of the continuous data

We carry out the certification at the continuous data of customer's scale with JCSS weight.
The traceability of the customer's scale calibrated by JCSS with the weight which is traceable to international standard is ensured.
Our JCSS calibration subscribes MRA (International mutual approval) and is approved as the valid certificate internationally.

 Calibration object : Electronic non-automatic scale
The calibration range : 5g to 50t
Scale interval : More than 0.1mg
The calibration method : Permanent establishment or on-site calibration
*It needs that temperature coefficient is released for the specification of calibration object.

We also carry out JCSS calibration of other manufacturer's electronic balance, platform scale and truck scale.
We recommend "on-site calibration" which doesn't need transportation.

Calibration Certificate with JISS logo mark

 The items mentioned
1. The specification etc. of calibration object
2. The weight used at calibration (correction value and expanded uncertainty)
3. The environmental condition of at the time of calibration
4. The expanded uncertainty valuation
5. The declination (nonlinearity)
6. The calibration result (the declination and expanded uncertainty)

Expanded uncertainty

Expanded uncertainty of the scale calibration (Coverage factor : k=2)

Type The calibration range Permanent
More than 5g Not more than 10g 0.35mg 0.35mg
Over 10g Not more than 15g 0.38mg 0.38mg
Over 15g Not more than 20g 0.36mg 0.36mg
Over 20g Not more than 25g 0.39mg 0.40mg
Over 25g Not more than 30g 0.41mg 0.41mg
Over 30g Not more than 40g 0.46mg 0.47mg
Over 40g Not more than 50g 0.48mg 0.49mg
Over 50g Not more than 60g 0.44mg 0.46mg
Over 60g Not more than 80g 0.53mg 0.57mg
Over 80g Not more than 100g 0.56mg 0.60mg
Over 100g Not more than 120g 0.53mg 0.61mg
Over 120g Not more than 150g 0.63mg 0.73mg
Over 150g Not more than 200g 0.76mg 0.90mg
Over 200g Not more than 250g 0.88mg 1.1mg
Over 250g Not more than 300g 0.97mg 1.3mg
Over 300g Not more than 350g 1.2mg 1.5mg
Over 350g Not more than 400g 1.4mg 1.7mg
Over 400g Not more than 450g 1.5mg 2.0mg
Over 450g Not more than 500g 1.5mg 2.0mg
Over 500g Not more than 1kg 5.2mg 5.9mg
Over 1kg Not more than 1.5kg 6.4mg 7.6mg
Over 1.5kg Not more than 2kg 7.6mg 9.1mg
Over 2kg Not more than 2.5kg 33mg 35mg
Over 2.5kg Not more than 3kg 34mg 36mg
Over 3kg Not more than 3.5kg 36mg 38mg
Over 3.5kg Not more than 4kg 37mg 40mg
Over 4kg Not more than 4.5kg 38mg 42mg
Over 4.5kg Not more than 5kg 39mg 44mg
Over 5kg Not more than 5.5kg 41mg 46mg
Over 5.5kg Not more than 6kg 43mg 49mg
Over 6kg Not more than 10kg 0.34g 0.43g
Over 10kg Not more than 15kg 0.37g 0.55g
Over 15kg Not more than 20kg 0.42g 0.68g
Over 20kg Not more than 25kg 0.47g 0.81g
Over 25kg Not more than 30kg 0.53g 0.95g
Over 30kg Not more than 40kg 2.8g 2.8g
Over 40kg Not more than 50kg 2.9g 2.9g
Over 50kg Not more than 60kg 3.0g 3.0g
Over 60kg Not more than 80kg 38g 38g
Over 80kg Not more than 120kg 38g 39g
Over 120kg Not more than 160kg 39g 40g
Over 160kg Not more than 200kg 39g 41g
Over 200kg Not more than 240kg 0.29kg 0.29kg
Over 240kg Not more than 300kg 0.30kg 0.30kg
Over 300kg Not more than 350kg 0.32kg 0.32kg
Over 350kg Not more than 400kg 0.33kg 0.33kg
Over 400kg Not more than 450kg 0.34kg 0.34kg
Over 450kg Not more than 500kg 0.35kg 0.35kg
Over 500kg Not more than 550kg 0.36kg 0.36kg
Over 550kg Not more than 600kg 0.37kg 0.37kg
Over 600kg Not more than 750kg 0.77kg 0.77kg
Over 750kg Not more than 1t 0.81kg 0.81kg
Over 1t Not more than 1.5t 2.8kg 2.8kg
Over 1.5t Not more than 2t 2.9kg 2.9kg
Over 2t Not more than 5t 14kg 14kg
Over 5t Not more than 10t 15kg 15kg
Over 10t Not more than 20t 15kg 15kg
Over 20t Not more than 30t 28kg 28kg
Over 30t Not more than 40t 29kg 29kg
Over 40t Not more than 50t 29kg 29kg

*1. Permanent establishment is the calibration carried out in our scale calibration room.
*2. On-site calibration is the calibration carried out except permanent establishment.

About JCSS

What is calibration company registration system (JCSS)?

  • JCSS is the abbreviation for Japan Calibration Service System.
    The management of this organization starts as calibration company authorization system (it changed to calibration company registration system since 2005) based by the Measurement Law since November,1993 in order to ensure the traceability of measurement.
  • This registration system needs to conform to requirements of the standard (ISO/IEC17025) about the calibration organization specified by International Organization for Standardization and International Electrotechnical Commission. It is the system to examine whether the quality system, the calibration method, the estimation of uncertainty and facilities of company are apposite for carrying out the calibration and the quality system is managed just as specified by documents examination and on-site review and to register it.
  • The calibration company registered with JCSS can emit the calibration certificate with JCSS mark.
    And the calibration company which corresponds to international MRA can emit the calibration certificate with the following international MRA symbol.

JCSS mark

Our company uses JIS Q 17025 (ISO/IEC17025) as accreditation criteria and is certified for the authorization scheme under JCSS managed according to ISO/IEC17011.
The qualifying activity (IAJapan) managing JCSS subscribes the mutual approval of Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) and International Laboratory Approval Cooperation organization (ILAC).
Our mass standard center is the company certified by JCSS which corresponds to international MRA.
0212 is the approved number of our center.

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